Our Mission Statement

Our purpose at Atlantic Gold Sea Moss is to provide sea moss users with an organic, ocean-grown, premium quality sea moss while supporting sustainable ocean farming. We also want to inform people about the incredible benefits of sea moss and the different uses of sea moss. 

This is a movement that takes grit, it takes passion and an unwavering, almost nonsensical belief in what we do in order to be successful at it in the long term. 

I was homeless when I started this business a year ago. Evicted from my apartment and living in my mother's spare bedroom, Atlantic Gold Sea Moss was born. It really does feel like having my third baby LOL.

I want to have an impact on the world by providing a great service while offering a product of health and vitality, knowing that our oceans are better for having the sea moss farms. Seaweed farms release oxygen into the oceans, which are affected by pollution  If I leave a legacy and some generational wealth, that too would be great for my two children who work with me. 

We are so grateful to our customers who stood by us during the early days of COVID.  We spent two months unable to fulfill some orders because I couldn’t get sea moss from St. Lucia due to the government shutdown and airline backlogs. But we were able to survive and are still standing. For that, we wholeheartedly thank you.

If you're wondering where to buy real sea moss, or what is the best sea moss the buy, welcome home. 

Only 100% ocean grown, hand-harvested organic, raw sea moss.

That's what I feed to my family, and that's what to feed to your family. 

Peace, Light & Watermelons❤️



  • I am 85 years old, 3 mini stroke, 75% artery blockage on left side of neck leading to the brain (2020). In 2020 removed after a MRA not MRI discovery. After talking with an ex-employee who ordered your product for her aging father with great imrpovement. At my age I have more to gain than to lose. My goal is to reach l00 healthy. I am going to give it a try. On TV, I saw the process with one boat pulling it from the ocean onto the boat. I wish myself luck and you too for the discovery. Maybe you can tell me the best one. She order the pill with cinn. (efisher35@verizon.net).

    E. Fisher
  • What kind of business are you offering. A distributor ship. If so I need to take this for about a month. To see how it effects me.

    Johnnie Williams
  • I want to purchase raw isrish sea moss,1 pound at a reasonable price, can you help me?

  • Hi Grace! Thank you for your kind words. You’ve come to the right place.
    Because of the minerals in sea moss helps lower blood pressure and also reduce inflammation for your arthritis. For weight loss, you can use sea moss in cooked foods as a thickener instead of adding extra fat. You can use it in smoothies, juices, soups, and sauces. Good luck:)

  • Hello. CONGRATULATIONS on your new business & withstanding the corona virus delays. Your message really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing and welcoming me in to the Atlantic Gold family. I am just beginning my sea moss for better health journey so I am open to any tips or suggestions that you may have. I suffer from high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. I also need to lose about 40 lbs. Which sea moss is the best for me?


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