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Mo$$ Subscription Service is Here!

You asked for it, and it’s here! Our Mo$$ Subscription service is now available to all our customers.  

The subscription is available for all retail products, and the wholesale gel packs (other wholesale items are not included). 

Customers will have the option to choose either have their various forms sea moss, and bladderwrack delivered on a recurring basis every month, 6 weeks, or 2 months.  

There is a 10% discount on all recurring orders.  

You will be able to purchase a subscription and a one-time item in the same order for your convenience. 

Subscriptions are billed periodically based on the frequency chosen, and on the date started. If a subscription is started on 02/05/2021 with a 2-month frequency, the customer will be billed on 04/05, 06/05, etc. 

You can pause or cancel your subscription for any reason. Subscriptions need to be paused/ cancelled 3 business days prior to billing date. Once the subscription has been billed, we cannot provide a refund.  

If you have any questions about this, please let us know.  


  • I want to delve deeper int the retail side of things and even develop and online presence with a constant flow of new products and information. Can you please share with me what you can offer in terms of meeting that end. I love your product and your consistency and looking forward to continued business.

  • I need to make an oder but it doesn’t go through

  • I need to make an oder but it doesn’t go through

  • Hi, having tried this, I can boastfully attest that it works, I suffered endometriosis, the pain was so unbearable,, my request is that, what Chanel does one has to go thru to become a distributor?

  • Interested in the benefits of sea moss and Irish moss

    carletha hilljoint

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