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3 Ways to Boost Your Sea Moss

3 ways to boost sea moss

Sea moss is a type of seaweed that has many benefits, but it can also be enhanced with other fruits, herbs and spices. Adding herbs to sea moss can be beneficial for both health and flavor. Adding herbs can also offer additional nutritional benefits such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Add these foods when making your sea moss gel. Or, if you already have plain gel made, you can add it with the food and blend them together. Here are 3 foods enhance the nutritional profile of sea moss and the reason why.

Other Seaweeds

The combination of sea moss and other seaweeds like bladderwrack, dulse or spirulina can create a powerful blend to increase the mineral bioavailability. Some to consider are:

  • Bladderwrack: This brown seaweed is often used to make soups and skincare formulations. it is a great source of iodine, calcium, and iron.
  • Dulse: With its reddish-brown color, dulse is packed with potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B12. It adds a savory flavor to dishes.
  • Wakame: Commonly used in miso soup, wakame is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and folate.

Whether you choose to add seaweeds or not, sea moss is sure to be a beneficial addition to your diet.

Fresh or Frozen Fruits

Boost the flavor, nutrition, and color of your sea moss smoothie with fresh or frozen fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, mangoes, and pineapples. Not only do these fruits add natural sweetness, but they can also help increase fiber, vitamins, and minerals like vitamin C, potassium, and manganese.

Fruits like berries and pineapple give gel and brighter flavor, while mango and banana gives it a creamier texture. Enjoy a fuller, more satisfying smoothie that aids in digestion with the added benefit of a vibrant hue and yummy flavors.

Herbs and Roots

My favorite herbs/roots to add are turmeric and ginger. Together can help to reduce inflammation, while raw honey and cinnamon add flavor. You can add any other herbs such as moringa, burdock root, ashwagandha, mushrooms or maca root.

These natural remedies have been a source of relief for countless generations. which could help decrease pain and protect against disease and decrease pain. The Vitality Gel is conveniently formulated in this way

Sea moss gel and herbs are a dynamic duo when it comes to promoting optimal health. By combining these natural ingredients, you can harness their individual benefits and create a powerhouse of nutrients for your body.

Whether you choose to add sea moss gel to your smoothies or brew a herbal tea, incorporating these ingredients into your daily routine can support your overall well-being.


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