5 Ways Sea Moss Treats Endometriosis

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“Five cents worth of seaweed a day may dramatically improve a major cause of disability and compromised quality of the life among women.”                 
                                                   Dr. Michael Greger M.D. FACLM 

Endometriosis is an estrogen-dependent condition affecting 1 in 12 women, and accounts for roughly half the cases of infertility and pelvic pain. It is triggered when too much estrogen in the blood, causing heavy, irregular and painful periods.

“It causes a ‘retrograde period’ where instead of blood flowing down, it goes up into the abdominal cavity, where bleeding tissue of the uterine lining can implant onto other organs” like uterus and ovaries.

It is a chronic disease that is under-reported, under-diagnosed, and not enough research has been done in large, controlled groups. Misinformation, trial-and-error treatments and misdiagnosis can be such a burden for women while dealing with this painful, on-going disease.  

The lesions caused by Endometriosis can be removed with surgery, but the rate of recurrence within five years is as high as 50%. Eating sea veggies as a part of your regular diet just might be the answer this problem.

endometriosis, sea moss benefits, seaweed, fibroids, pelvic pain, painful periods

 Let’s look at 5 ways sea moss treats endometriosis. Of course, other seaweeds are just as helpful.

Seaweeds have unique nutrients

 Endometriosis is triggered by too much estrogen in the blood. Seaweeds such as sea moss, bladderwrack and nori have unique phytonutrients and fibers not found in plants on land.
Some of these components have anti-cancer and anti-estrogen effects which regulate high levels of estrogen in the blood. 

Iodine supports the thyroid gland

Sea veggies are high in Iodine (plus an army of other minerals and phytonutrients) which support the thyroid gland, thus balancing hormone levels in the blood. Metabolism, balanced hormones and reproductive health are just three of many bodily functions regulated by the thyroid gland.
A diet low in Iodine and high in acid-forming foods can contribute to the imbalance of hormones causing diseases like endometriosis, uterine fibroids and even some uterine and breast cancers.  

Seaweed experiment

An experiment was done where scientists dropped seaweed broth on human ovary cells that make estrogen. They observed a drop in estrogen levels because the nutrients in seaweed either inhibited production or facilitated in the breakdown of excess estrogen.  

Seaweed consumption in Japan

Japanese women have some of the lowest incidences of breast and ovarian cancers, and endometriosis in the world. They tend to have longer menstrual cycles – around 28 days, plus lower estrogen levels in their blood.
We all figured it was the natural soy products they ate, but it is now widely believed their use of seaweeds in their diet helps just as much.  
bladderwrack, sea moss, seamoss, irish sea moss

Bladderwrack helps endometriosis

A small uncontrolled study was conducted where volunteers who had a history of endometriosis agreed to add between a quarter teaspoon and a half teaspoon of bladderwrack powder per day to their diets. 
On average, the length of their cycles went from 16 days to 31 days. The length of their periods were shortened from 16 days long to only 4 days long. They reported a big reduction in pain.
This treatment worked for these women because the bladderwrack lowered the estrogen levels in their blood by 75% to 85% when tested again.

    Better research using a larger, controlled group is definitely needed. But it's common for there not to be a lot of scientific research for natural remedies. Although this study used bladderwrack powder, pretty much any edible seaweed can help to balance hormone levels in the body. Men benefit from balance hormones as well. Like women, they can have elevated estrogen levels due to meat consumption.

    So, whether you consume seaweeds in the form of sea moss gels, powders or capsules, do consume daily. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so it's a good time to give edible seaweeds try. They will keep our “wombanhood” and manhood (sorry no clever spelling) healthy and those hormones in check!  🤗❤️ 

    Happy Healthing!



    Source: NutritionFacts.org 


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    • I typically get excruciating cramps, starting the day before my period and lasting 2-3 days. The pain is debilitating – I have to cancel plans, am lethargic at work and curl up whenever I can with a heating pad for some comfort. On top of this, my periods are very heavy and last 8-9 days. I started adding 1/2 a teaspoon of bladderwrack to my diet and after 2 months, my cramps are MUCH more manageable and my bleeding is far less heavy. I’m looking forward to self-studying for the next few months to see if these results were a fluke or if my mensuration cycle and cramps have improved thanks to seaweed! Thank you for this information – if the latter, it has vastly improved my life!!

    • Will Sea moss or Seaweed supplements help with my thickening of the endometrium? My Gyn says I need a Hysterectomy due to thickening of the endometrium; I am going to see another Gyn for a second opinion. Please reply. Thank you.

    • I took sea moss capsules for a couple of weeks before my period started and had zero cramps. My cycle length was also only 4 days (it’s usually 5-6). I have endo and am usually very bloated during my period, but this time I was not. I am also less hungry and losing some belly fat. Joint pain is nearly non existent as well. It’s a great super food.


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