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Fruit Gels Bundle - Mango, Superberry 8,  Soursop

Fruit Gels Bundle - Mango, Superberry 8, Soursop

Atlantic Gold Sea Moss
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Transport to the warm tropics with the inviting flavors of Mango, Superberry 8 and Golden Soursop. Rich in the minerals sea moss provides, plus the vitamins of the fruits. 

Mango  - Mango, agave, lemon, spring water

Superberry 8 - 8 nutritious berries, agave, lemon, spring water

Golden Soursop - Soursop, agave, lemon, spring water

Keep the gels refrigerated, and they last up to four weeks. If you receive gels you will not use immediately, you can freeze the gels up to 6 months.