Our mission

Our mission at Atlantic Gold Sea Moss is to supply sea moss consumers and sellers with an organic, ocean-grown, premium, quality product,  while supporting sustainable ocean farming on islands like St. Lucia.

This is a movement that takes grit and passion. It takes an unwavering, almost nonsensical belief in what we do in order to be successful at it in the long term. I was homeless when I started this company. We are here to help build a legacy and generational wealth for all who want to be a part of this mission.

For many ocean farmers and divers, sea moss is their way of life and only source of income. This is not a job: it's a hard way of life for them. When people claim that their sea moss comes from a pool they are heartbroken. They are so incredibly passionate about their sea moss.

 When you buy Atlantic Gold Sea Moss, farmers will have a sustainable, fair-trade way to make a living and improve the economy of their community. There aren't many options for them.

When you the sea moss retailers resell the dried moss, or make gel, or skin care products, you are spreading the health benefits  to the masses.